18 February 2012

Bold Hair Color Perspectives – By Trinity Sestito

In my life time, the way I’ve expressed myself to others has been through the use of bold hair colors. When I was young, I always considered myself an outcast. I did not want to conform to the standard. I wanted to be unique; not a generic copy of everyone around me.

Though I had no style, not a lot of friends, and no way to express my true inner self, I always felt that there was at least one outlet for my personality, imagination, and attitude to shine through.

That outlet was the use of bold colors in my hair.

It was not until later on, as I grew and matured, that I realized something. While I could not get my inner image across through fashionable dress, or with my standards of expression which stood against what society deemed “Normal”, I could reveal myself fully through the use of bold colors in my hair.

The confidence this gives me shows through my attitude, my image, and execution. A feeling of empowerment is granted to me knowing that I can express myself with fun, playful hair…. that no one else really has. The standard blonde and brunette colors have never appealed to me; and I know that I am not alone.

Bold hair colors can be a release for others who feel they are different like me. Their inner voice may be screaming to come out in bold red, or seeking to whisper their soul in a serene blue.

My Bold Color Secrets

Bold colors require more up keep than your usual blonde and brunette colors.  To keep my color bright and long lasting, I wash it in cold water.  When using a shampoo, I always use a color safe shampoo.  I like to refresh my color every four to five weeks; and my favorite bold color product is Manic Panic.  I find that it does not fade as fast as the other brands of bold colors, and they have a big selection of colors to chose from.

People are fast to judge. Be yourself; and do not be afraid to show your true colors!






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