13 March 2012

Chameleon Tuesday Morning Workshops – By Carleen Buden – Chameleon Founder

Chameleon Tuesday morning workshops

Want free services at Chameleon? Ask about our Tuesday 10:00 am training workshops.

If there is one thing Chameleon does that’s different from any other salon it’s our training. Ask anyone in the salon industry that’s heard of Chameleon and the word education is always used.

Since the day we opened, 12 years ago, working towards mastering our craft was always part of our mission. Then and now, I’ve committed myself to teaching every stylist that has worked at Chameleon everything I’ve learned over the last 30 years.

My passion for always being abreast of what’s new in the world of beauty, led me to attend some of the absolute best hair academies in the world, not to mention a countless number of classes across the nation.

Our program began with teaching all our newly hired stylists Chameleon’s techniques for cutting and coloring. These techniques were inspired from my academy training at Vidal Sassoon, Tigi and Bumble.

Of coarse we needed to continue to inspire our more seasoned stylists, so we incorporated both in salon and out of salon classes four to six times a year.

This crazy obsession to strive for excellence continued.

It occurred to me that many of our stylists where more passionate about either coloring or cutting. Everyone’s skill was a little better at one or the other.

At that point, it only made sense to continue the training by separating the team by department, giving us the opportunity to really dive into our true love and become masters in what we do best.

Holding weekly workshops by department was the answer. But we didn’t stop there, our reception team wanted to learn and develop more ways to give amazing customer service as well.

So please forgive us for closing our doors from 10am to 12pm on Tuesday mornings, but I hope you know our goal is only to serve you better, in every aspect of what we do.

Upcoming March workshops are:

Nufree hair removal training (Brazilian models needed)

Footlogics : new healing foot and skin care products

Manicure and Pedicure training with Felicia (models needed)

New Bumble up styles with educators Joy and Mere (models needed)

If you are interested in being a model and want to receive a complementary service please sign up to be a model on our website at chameleonhcc.com/model.html

The dates and times will vary. We look forward to seeing you as a model at Chameleon soon!

Here are some photos from previous training classes with Chameleon Models




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