21 March 2012

Having a Healthy Look on the Inside…. by William General III -Licensed Massage Therapist

We handle as much stress as we can everyday. Any stress we don’t handle gets stored in the body. This process is called body armoring.

These stressors become toxins and if they remain there can cause sickness. Most of us store theses stresses in our neck, shoulders and lower back. Sometimes there toxins affect the neurological communication between the brain and muscles. When this happens the performance of the body is diminished. There is no longer a free flow of blood and energy and oxygen throughout the body. It gets trapped in these armoring areas.

Another problem that we all face is the fact that we don’t take enough deep breaths in our life. Taking ten deep breaths a day will decrease the amount of stress we have in our body. An exercise we all can do is to practice breathing. When we start this practice then it will become a habit. Here’s how to do it. Inhale on a two second count. Then exhale on a four to five second count. It’s not important if you do it thru the nose or mouth. It’s all about the practice. You will immediately notice a calming in mind and body.

One of the best ways to improve the mind, body and spirit is to get regular massage. I have developed, over ten years, a unique integrated massage technique that encourages the body to respond in a more original way. This massage allows the connective tissue and bones to realign themselves to the original position. A second advantage to this work is to decompress the muscles. Because of gravity and the way we treat our bodies, our muscles experience too much compression and it need to be released. The one thing we all want from a massage is that it be complete and that your therapist address all of our concerns. That’s is what I have devoted my expertise to do.

I have experienced much in my life. I have worked both blue and white collar businesses. I am a parent of four and have been involved with sports my whole life. I have the ability to apply the correct response to the needs of each client based on who they are and what the do. So you can be assured that the massage you get is curtailed to you exclusively. Call and make an appointment today. See and feel the difference in your outlook on life and take care of the gift that you have.

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