11 October 2012

Behind the Hair – Going Rogue

Behind the Hair

Going Rogue

T, The New York Times Style Magazine, Fall 2012

Hair by Holli Smith for Oribe Hair Care

Homeland star and recent Emmy winner Claire Danes graced the cover of the Fall 2012 issue of T, The New York Times Style Magazine. Hairstylist Holli Smith was on location with the actress in Israel for the shoot and used Oribe products to give her a relaxed but polished style. “I wanted to have Claire’s hair look cool, but in the most natural sense,” Smith said. “It was important to me that we kept the hair from looking too fluffy and voluminous even though we were working in a beautiful beachside location in Tel Aviv that had windy conditions. This would maintain the cool aspect Claire has as an actress and keep her from looking too commercial…a strong wind blow to the hair can sometimes do that.”

Get the look:
1. Spray hair with Maximista to give hair some hold and blow dry on a low speed.
2. Once the hair is completely dry, brush it out to determine the natural wave. Use Soft Lacquer with a large iron to touch up the ends and seal them a bit. “This prevents the hair from looking too messy and protects it from the weather conditions,” Smith said. “Having that little bit of natural wind on her ends gave the perfect result. She looked beautiful!”

Chameleon Stylist, Joy Duffany, worked with Holli Smith at Fashion Week in NYC. See Joy’s Blog

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