21 January 2013

A Small Change that Carries Huge Benefits is a Massage

When you make a resolution for the New Year you should ask yourself …what inside me would impede me from achieving that? Search inside and work on that which may block you. Also do not make them too big, but ones that are attainable and measurable.

A small change that carries huge benefits is a massage with therapist Bill General . He was recently featured on “Our Lives” with Gwen Edwards, producer of News 12. (see photo)

His technique is unique and enrolling. Bill states “We need to take more deep breaths each day to remove the building toxins in our bodies. By incorporating the breath with “hands on” trigger point accuracy, it doubles the effect of relaxation and relief from blockages in the body. The result is a free flow of energy blood and oxygen that we all need.”

Please take the time to enjoy a stress relieving massage from Bill.




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