16 March 2013

Chameleon Team Completes Color Zoom Trend Class

The Trend 2013 – Beautify

On Tuesday our entire colorist and stylist team completed the Goldwell Color Zoom Trend class. This was a intensive day long class, taught by Thomas Dewing, who is a Member of the Goldwell Artistic Team.

This Color Zoom Trend class educated the Chameleon Team about the latest color and cutting trends for 2013.

The class also provided the fundamental education for our staff to complete in the 2013 Color Zoom Competition. We have three team members who will be competing this year. Meredith, Stephanie and Trinity from our New Haven Salon.

The class focused on “Beautify your Style, your Colors your Client”

This year’s fashion trend will focus on using color, bright materials and an eclectic mix and match of patterns. This will transition into hair by having the unexpected element of surprise using unusual color combinations and a variety of disconnected cuts for both long and shorter looks.

Pastel shades act as intense reflections of light in blonde hair… while earthy, rustic colors add interest to darker shades. Sophisticated color placement creates a harmonious, yet an new exciting way of interacting colors.

The striking diversity of color and shapes is impressive and beautiful in its expression of the creative power of this trend.

Check out our photo gallery at the end of this blog

Here’s what our team said about the Color Zoom Trend Class:

“This year’s trends will show off the best of Chameleon talent. Working as a team the colorist and stylist can really get creative with every client they touch! The wonderful part is the change does not have to be drastic. It can be quite subtle and yet have a lot of impact!”-Carleen

“This class got my creative juices flowing! Helped break out of the standard long layer cuts routine” Trinity

“This season is about placing the color in the right place to make the haircut pop!” – Laura

“We learned three different color applications for fun and dimensional colors!” – Jackie

“Color Zooms Beatify Collection has inspired my outlook on spring’s sensational new looks and how the up coming season will feel”, Stephanie

“In this Goldwell Color Zoom class we learned trends showing there is a little bit of something unexpected in every style, cut and color. This trend is following what we are seeing in fashion for 2013.”- Joy

“Pastels are really in right now, as far as color goes. Pinks, purples, and teals are all the rage.” – Emily

“The cuts this season are very trendy and have secret ah-ha moments”. – Ashley

These new colors and cuts are now available at Chameleon.

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