17 April 2013

Be Blondealicious – by Meredith Miller

Honey, Strawberry, Beige, Golden. Blondes come in a multitude of colors and shades. Some blondes are naturally fascinating, but after a long winter, need a little revving up. Some blondes are brunettes, who want to answer the age old question of why blondes have more fun.

No matter which type of blonde you are, I would enjoy customizing a unique blonde look to compliment your beautiful features and skin tone.

I can add a sparkle of blonde to any hair color with a few foils, or you can go all in, and all over.

Whether you want to try a little or a lot, I would love to add more blonde, which may lead to more fun, in your life.

Being a stylist for 8 years, I’ve recently devoted the majority of my education to color. Through this I have taken away a variety of new techniques and skills. I’ve always been fascinated with blonde hair, and now realize this is where my specialty lies!

Meredith Miller is a senior colorist and manager at Chameleon Haircolor Cafe & Spa’s. You can request an appointment with Meredith by calling our New Haven CT salon at 203-772-1523.

You can request and appointment with Meredith online


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