13 June 2013

Blushing Bride – By Amanda Norse

Every woman wants to look beautiful on their wedding day. They want to be glowing in person and stunning in their photos.

Makeup should look flattering, but natural. It’s essential that you look like yourself in the photos, so they won’t look out dated in a few years.

The key to successful, long lasting makeup is to spend time preparing the skin to create a flawless base that doesn’t look fake or heavy. Mineral foundation gives a soft natural finish. It’s long lasting and is gentle on skin. A neutral palette works with any skin tone and is the most straight forward option for beautiful fool proof wedding makeup.

Lips can be kept neutral, as well something in the pinks,peaches,or sheer berries are most flattering.

Blushes and bronzers are a great way to add add a hint of color to the skin to warm up the complexion, as well as to make the skin appear more refreshed.

Bare minerals make up offers a great variety of blushes,complexion enhancers, and neutral palettes to suit every type of brides needs.

“The best wedding makeup is subtle and yet reveals and enhances the most beautiful parts of your face”.


Amanda Norse is a makeup artist at Chameleon who specializes in bridal and fashion make up. You can book an appointment with Amanda by calling 203-234-7900



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