16 November 2013

Miami Backstage Photo Shoot Inspiration – By Joy Duffany

From the moment I stepped off the plane, I was immediately inspired. I knew this experience in Miami would not only change me as an individual, but it would transform me as a hair stylist.

Preparing for my first Backstage event with Oribe came with a slew of emotions. I was excited, scared, and intrigued by what this talented stylist had in store for us. I doubted my abilities to preform at such a high level with some of the top stylists in the country, but what I didn’t realize was that Miami had already transformed me. My curiosity grew as each new event took place. Oribe had awaken a Beast inside me. It was befitting, that we in turn, were creating a beast from Oribe’s Latin Culture. The beast and I returned home as one, elevating my knowledge as well as igniting my creativity.

The inspiration for our photo shoot follows the emotional as well as physical transformation of a girl who’s innocence is lost. She is filled with curiosity and lustful tendencies. There is something dark and mysterious seducing her, drawing her in. Although afraid, the girl becomes completely captivated, letting go of her inhibitions. She succumbs to the darkness, awakening the beast inside.

See the Inspiration Video here

Joy Duffany is an educator and manager at Chameleon. She recently attended Oribe’s Backstage Miami 2013.

The above article details her experiences in Miami and a secondary inspiration photo shoot challenge that followed Miami. Joy and the Chameleon Team submitted these photo’s in the national Oribe Challenege.

The photo shoot was done by the following Chameleon Team Members Danielle, Emily, Joy, Stephanie, and Wayne. Their model was Caitlin from our guest care team. We are very proud and inspired by their work at Chameleon. We hope you enjoy!



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