15 January 2014

Your Winter Hair- By Carleen Buden

Hat hair, static electricity, split ends, more frizz, and dry scalp to boot!!

A bad hair day in the winter can sometimes seem to last the whole season.

Most people are aware of the need to add moisture to their skin during the winter months, hence the dryness, flakes, and itch. Many of us forget that our hair is also in desperate need of extra moisture.

As we crank up the heat in our homes and at work, maybe go hit the ski slopes with added sun and wind, the lack of moisture makes our hair unmanageable, dull, and even brittle. Then of course we add a hot shower, harsh shampoos, blow drying, flat ironing or the curling iron to the mix….EEEK! We are lucky to have any good hair days in the winter!

So please be kind to your hair during these artic days, and remember to hydrate and moisturize your hair!

Products like Bumble’s Quenching Line and Oribe’s Brilliance & Shine, add moisture as well as retaining the hair’s natural oils without weight!

Just because a product adds or maintains moisture does not mean it will weigh your hair down. These products are light and you will notice the difference immediately.

If your scalp tends to be dry this time of year, my son swears by Bumble’s Quenching Line. It is a best seller and the scent is amazing!

Stay away from products with a high alcohol content. Instead, try leave- in styling moisturizers applied either dry or wet. Bumble and Oribe have several leave-ins for both light weight and coarser hair. Oribe’s Supershine, Supershine Light, and Smooth Style Serum are just a few.

Try using a natural boar bristle hairbrush with a wooden handle, it will help to reduce static!

Goldwell’s NECTYA, a non-ammonia moisturizing hair color, is another way to retain your hair’s moisture and shine.

With all that said… be kind to your winter hair. With just a little more attention and the right products, you can keep your shine, body, and softness or maybe even add a little!


Carleen is the founder of Chameleon Haircolor Cafe & Spas. She has been a stylist for over 30 years and is the creator of our education program. She works behind the chair in our North Haven Salon. You can book appointments with Carleen at 203-234-7900.



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