1 February 2014

A Beautiful Experience – by Stephanie Smigel

Color is more than just a tint or hue; color is an experience that is created by your colorist and experienced by you. As a colorist, that has been a part of the Chameleon team for almost four years, the best part of my job is sharing an amazing experience with each client day in and day out.

Adding sparkle to enhance your own look can not only brighten your day, week, or month, it has the opportunity to brighten your outlook.

The picture shown above is a perfect example of this experience. My client, Alicia, chose to share her first ever color experience with me. We decided to embrace her natural color while adding more dimension. For her look I chose to paint the dimension onto the hair using a french technique called balayage. We agreed upon a sun kissed look. This was Alicia’s first time coloring her hair so she didn’t want anything too extreme. I lightened her while keeping her look natural and subtle.

Color does not have to be a dramatic change from your current look. There are so many ways to keep your look the same while enhancing your natural beauty.

Stop by or call so we can share an experience today!

Stephanie Smigel is a talented colorist at Chameleon’s New Haven Location. She is known for closely connecting with clients and providing them with color that makes them look fabulous! You can book an appointment with Stephanie by calling 203-772-1523.




Alicia’s original hair color that Stephanie started with



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