13 February 2014

The Chameleon Team at The Original Bumble Salon in NYC!

Carleen had a surprise when she planned an inspirational secret field trip for the Chameleon Team.The team ventured into NYC with just an address of where to park. They then walked over to the original Bumble and bumble salon for an exclusive inspirational class.

This is the salon where Bumble was founded by Michael Gordon. As Chameleon walked though the salon we were told stories of how Vidal Sassoon, Prince and numerous other celebrities came through the salon.

Chameleon had the entire salon exclusively to themselves. They watched scenes from “The Great Gatsby” and recreated the hairstyles on the Bumble Salon floor.

The Great Gatsby featured hair styles from the 1920s. This was the roaring 20s when the Bob, Finger Waves and men’s tight slick sides, with high tops, defined hair for the generation. A special thanks to Gabrielle ,from Bumble, for making this happen!

Here a few photo’s from our trip!



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