January 2021 Make Over

Operating Room Nurse

Sarah Fusco

Dear Friends of Chameleon,

Where do I start…. I am so moved by the winner of our first nominated frontline healthcare worker. I only hope I can tell her story as well as she did….

Sarah Fusco knew that she wanted to be in the healthcare field in some capacity. She contemplated many aspects, a doctor, pharmaceuticals, and health science. After getting her health science degree, she went on to get her master’s degree at BU. Sarah decided to become an operating room nurse. Sarah could have become anything. Although modest and humble it was obvious that she really preferred the direct connection with the patient. Being completely covered from head to toe, N 95 mask and shield for 12 hours a day had its challenges, but her real challenge was trying to stay connected to each patient with only a very small part of her face revealed. I could tell her compassionate energy for making the patient feel safe and be safe must have permeated through all that gear.

The challenges of COVID during your very first year of nursing had the potential to make or break any frontline worker but for Sarah it made her realize she made the right decision.

Her coworker Meg, nominated her saying she always stays brave and optimistic, encouraging others to stay strong and safe. After listening to her story…  anyone who has Sarah by their side in the operating room is one lucky person, for she will give you 100% and more!

Chameleon was privileged to honor Sarah and we cannot thank the businesses enough that helped us by donating these gifts to her.

Kristen from Dynamite Designs stopped by with a beautiful scarf and comfy shirt.

Michael from Libro Jewelers gave her a beautiful bracelet.

Athena Diner II  gave a $25 gift card.

Outback  in North Haven gave a $20 gift card.

Please continue to help us honor a healthcare worker monthly by going to our website chameleonhcc.com and filling out the information under monthly makeover.

If you own a small business or know someone that does, please help us by donating a gift card or gift. It will go a long way to show how much we appreciate all that they do! Contact me at  Carleen@chameleonhcc.com or call 203-234-7900 ext 215

Stay Safe My Friends,


Chameleon Owner



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